I’m Marian Pidwerbeski, Founder/Director of Well-derness Consulting, Registered Nutritional Consultant, and Professional Cancer Coach.


Hey, did you know that your body — that’s YOUR body — has a tremendous capacity for healing?


Yes, it does!


And when it comes to things like preventing or recovering from illness, regulating weight or even reversing the aging process, often it’s the simplest, most natural approaches that have the most profound effects on our well being!


Several years ago, I was gifted with a black leather briefcase on which were inscribed, in large golden italic script, the words, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!” Well, these words ARE like gold to me; I live by this motto.


In my personal life, I have witnessed the “impossible made possible” numerous times — the possible transcending circumstances… transcending the odds… transcending beliefs of the status quo… and transcending, at times, even my own good sense of logic.


In my professional life, also, I have seen ‘possibility’ made manifest in my clients as they open themselves to healing and embrace their journeys with guided self-responsibility. This means, yes, at times the road to wellness may require a certain amount of re-education and of doing things a little differently than before. But that’s okay – I can help you with the former, and you have it within you to do the rest.


Fifteen years ago, I founded Well-derness Consulting to promote health and wellness and I have been doing so ever since. I use natural, non-invasive approaches, taking into account the whole person to help balance body, mind, and spirit.


Through private consultations and coaching, public presentations, speaking engagements, yoga sessions, and retreats, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing in others the profound power of the healing process at work.


I have been a member of the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants since 2004. In 2005, I was awarded a Master of Applied Science degree in Nutrition from Edison Institute of Nutrition.


A few short years later, I followed this up with specialized training in breast health, and nutritional and lifestyle oncology through Holistic Health Education. These programs have contributed greatly to my understanding of what is possible when it comes to the human body’s capacity for healing.


Yet, the most fundamental principles to getting and staying well are what I learned as a child on my mother’s knee:


“The six best doctors anywhere,
and no one can deny it,
are water, sunshine, rest and air,
exercise and diet!”


This applies to the prevention or recovery from various forms of disease, including cancer. These are principles that I apply to my own daily lifestyle, too. In that sense, I am my own best client!